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Holy Mangoes it’s the PPA! May 24, 2011

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So, I currently have a new food and TV obsession. I don’t think I could ever pinpoint an exact favorite food but it is a close toss-up between my mom’s beef strognaff and mac and cheese. What can I say I love pasta (and cheese)! But, I do believe I have found my favorite fruit, Mangoes! About a week and a half ago my mom brought home four beautiful green and red colored mangoes from Horrocks and I could not wait to eat them. I have not had a mango in years and was excited to try this tropical fruit again. I waited for what seemed like forever but was really only like three days! I peeled the skin off the mango and revealed the yellow flesh in all its glory! Sliced the fruit off that huge pit in the center and I think I ate that mango in less than five minutes! I could not believe that I actually didn’t like these things growing up, it was the best fruit ever! Not too sweet and not too sour but perfect. I will be eating mango number two for breakfast tomorrow, and I may spice things up a bit and try it with a smidge of chili pepper on it.

Now for the TV obsession, it’s Parking Wars! I know it’s been on forever and I am not much of a reality TV person but this show is funny! I don’t watch regular TV, I live in the boonies and don’t have cable. I have Netflix and I am addicted to it. I can find some of the stupidest shows and some of the best shows on there. We stumbled across Parking Wars one day and have been going down the list of episodes ever since. The show follows the workers at the PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) they write tickets, put boots on cars and tow! I feel so bad for these guys they get treated like crap by people in the city. It makes me so angry on how some people treat others when they are trying to do their jobs. People yell stuff at them (like get a real job) and some of them say that working for the PPA is the lowest job (even lower than stripping)! I don’t know how they do it! I give them props, I get treated pretty bad sometimes at work but nothing like that! Way to go guys, keep up the good work out there on those city streets!

Well, that is enough for this rambling I do believe. Thanks again for sitting in on another one of my random moments =D


2 Responses to “Holy Mangoes it’s the PPA!”

  1. Hubert Says:

    I would love to eat a mango, but I have no idea how to cut one. I’ve bought two in the last three years and they went bad because I can’t figure out how to get them in my belly, lol.

    What’s the PPA?

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