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Fall Harvest Safety October 3, 2011

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With fall strongly in the air in my neck of the woods harvesting is underway. Soybeans are the pick of the week with field corn following right behind in the upcoming weeks, depending on how early you got your crops sewn. And for these two tiny grains I just want to take a moment and remind you all of safety for both farmers and other neighborhood residents. This topic is very near and dear to me coming for a line of farmers and also being the granddaughter of a man who was almost killed in a tractor accident. The fatality rate is five times higher in a tractor and motor vehicle accidents then in a regular vehicle accidents. Those orange triangles on the back of tractors, combines, hay wagons and other farm equipment are a reminder that you are behind a slow-moving vehicle, SO SLOW DOWN! Please remember to stay far enough back from the farm equipment so we can see you behind us.  Only pass when you are in a passing zone and are free of oncoming traffic. I know this seems like a no brainer but most farm equipment is over sized and we cannot pull safely off to the side of the road for you to pass us. But most of all I ask you to please be patient with us because after all we put most of the food on your dinner table!

Now I just want to share some country music love with you. This is one of my favorites and goes kind of along the harvesting lines.


One Response to “Fall Harvest Safety”

  1. Hubert Davis Says:

    Being a “city boy” like I am, I actually didn’t ever realize that equipment could be that dangerous. I had never seen a combine in my life until last year! That fatality rate is ridiculous.

    Side note: Somehow I missed the post before this one. That’s a great picture.

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