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Lack of Ho Ho Ho-ness December 9, 2011

Filed under: Rambles — ramblingsofrandomrashawn @ 10:07 pm

I just can not get into the holiday spirits this year. I do not know what it is but I have done hardly any baking, the Christmas tree did not even get put up until today! I finally took down the Halloween window clings today and put up the Christmas ones. I want to blame it on the lack of snow. We had about 6 inches a couple of days after Thanksgiving, then it rained and it was all gone. Today we got a little sprinkle of snow but nothing like we should have in Michigan right now. I am thankful I do not have to drive in it but it doesn’t feel like Christmas time with out it.

I have gotten most of my Christmas presents purchased, just have a few stragglers to get. I have really got to start my baking though! I have a dozen cookies done, that’s it! The first Christmas party is on the 17th to and I am working 10 straight days right now. I really should be in the kitchen and not on here rambling but I felt the need to express myself.

I feel a bit more inspired tonight, with the tree up, window clings changed. I am watching Elf on a Shelf right now. Already watched Frosty, Frosty Returns and Yes, Virgina. Ok, that just made me sound like I sit in front of the television all day. Which I do not do!

Made a couple of recipes this week, Simple Orange Cake from Technicolor Kitchen and Mint Creme Oreo Stuffed Fudge Cookies from Becky Bakes. Got good views for the orange cake, as for the cookies those babies are waiting for Christmas cookie baskets! I don’t really think you can go wrong with a cookie stuffed inside another cookie though! I believe that is about all I have to say right now. I apologize for my absence. I need a brief talking to from a good friend to get me back on track!


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