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Fall September 23, 2011

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So today marks the first day of Fall! This is my all time favorite season. There is so much that I love about it, cooler weather but not too cool. Beautiful colors and wonderful smells. Time of the year that I don’t feel guilty if I burn a PartyLite Halloween Night candle every day, I don’t feel guilty if I eat caramel dip everyday because I enjot it with an apple. I don’t feel bad for buying every can of pumpkin puree the store has, I don’t feel horrible about expressing my inner child and carve a big fat homegrown pumpkin. I get to visit Uncle John’s Cider Mill and indulge in fresh fried doughnuts and pressed cider. I get to watch the trees shed their coat of rainbow leaves, I can spend more time outside with my camera and not feel like I am going to sweat my booty off. I get to take pictures like the one below of Kelly and Disney. I took this picture last year around the beginning of October and I cannot wait to take some more awesome pictures this year!

Fall 2010

Look at all those colors! So many different shades of reds, yellows, oranges and greens. It is not my best picture but it is still one of my favorites. Chuckie and I were sitting on the front porch carving pumpkins when I snapped this picture of the girls. I won’t ever forget it because the next week the weather got so warm the pumpkins caved in. But that is the wonders of Fall’s fluctuating temperatures. It is also the best time of the year to start crocheting again because the more you crochet the more covered up you get by the time the snow starts falling in. Now I get to start working on some pumpkin recipes I found while food gawking and to settle down in the cool evenings with a mug of warm cider or hot tea. Happy Fall, everyone! Enjoy it before the snow starts!


Pig August 14, 2011

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About two weeks ago I obtained another critter. She has been around awhile, but she is such a sweetie. A friend of the family passed her off to my cousin and now my cousin is going away for college and can’t take her. So, I volunteered to take her in. I am already in love! This carrot munching, bath loving critter has adjusted very well in her new home.

Munching a carrot.

This is Pig. She’s a guinea pig. Did I say that she loves carrots? Because she loves carrots. She also just basically loves to eat, as soon as her food bag rattles she sounds like a squeaky toy. She is very comical to watch.

Pig after her bath.

We also discovered that she loves water, not only to drink (and she does drink a lot) but she also likes bathes. At first I don’t think she knew what to think but after a few minutes she was squeaking and all over the place in her little tub. My only concern about having her is that she is older. I have had guinea pigs before and I don’t know what it is about them but for me they are the hardest to let go. I hope that whenever she does go that I just remember that she had a very full life and I will never forget her.


I’m Still Here! August 6, 2011

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I know I know…where on Earth have I been, right?! Well lets see the past few weeks have been INSANE (I did mention before that July and August are my busiest months)! I have become the school supplies queen, a once a week personal chef for the b.f.s parents (and you probably thought I hadn’t been cooking) and a professional goat hairstylist. This upcoming week will finish off my busy season before the holidays hit. I have fair =D I love fair. I love everything about fair! The greasy, fattening food, the cheesy decorated trash cans but I love the animals the most! I will be taking seven of my lovely beastly girls with me; Angel, Ragtime, Tiki, Eclipse, Spectrolite, Lucky2B and Halo. I will have tons of pictures to share (I already have a ton to share but I have had no editing time). But back to my new titles.

So I work in the electronic and office supply section at a local supermarket. We all know what office supplies scream this time of the year, BACK TO SCHOOL! Since the middle of July I have stocked so many note books, crayons, markers, pens and pencils that I want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. If I smell another crayon I may gag. It is a busy time of the year and I don’t always have the patience to deal with people and their sob stories about how we ran out of…well anything really! My boss seems to have gotten it in his head that I am in charge of the supplies, which includes that back stock of them and making sure the floor is stocked full. He by the way almost had a heart attack when I told him I was going on vacation this week. I have faith that they can make it without me for a week, I never said I was the queen but some want to think I am.

The past three weeks I have taken it upon myself to buy ingredients and prepare a meal for my boyfriend’s parents to take some stress off of them. They seem to have enjoyed! I don’t know what there is not enjoy about it, it’s like going to a restaurant. So, soon (I hope) I will have some recipes and pictures to share on what I have been preparing for them.

In order for my girls to go to fair they must have a hair cut. Oh they absolutely love it (this my sarcastic tone)! Well, some like it more than others. It isn’t any fun for me when it is 90+ degrees outside, you’re getting slapped in the face by a goat tail and you are covered everywhere by hair slivers. Do you know what a hair sliver is? They are awful! Tiny little pieces of hair sticking you in the insides of your elbows, or down you bra or up your nose. It’s the worst part of fair. But really most of my girls are princesses and just stand there so I can hurry up and get it done. Others (Ragtime!) scream and yell like they are being killed and stepping on your fingers, yeah great fun. My poor babies Halo and Lucky, they were so good for their first hair cuts except they screamed the whole time. Lucky, well she is very flighty, she had a near death experience late this spring. But she stood like a champ, Halo on the other hand did good but I really think she believed she was going to die. But we all made it through and off to fair we head!

That’s a enough rambling for this time, I have more to share but this is enough for now. I have to go find some time to sleep.


Still Kickin’ July 7, 2011

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I know it’s been awhile but July and August are my busiest months of the year. I am still alive and kickin’ over here! I don’t have much to say except that summer is just here and it is already TOO HOT! Even with the heat I will be in the kitchen tomorrow trying out a new recipe!

I have some upcoming blogs for you guys soon

Lemon Burst Cupcakes

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Rosette Bracelet (I am so excited to try this one!)

Hopefully I can get these busted out in the next few days =D

We also have two new additions on the farm X and Jump the kittens!

Current Obsessions: TV- Lost, Food- Grilled Hotdogs and as always Iced Tea (loving it more than usual with the heat!)